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Polishing Your Writing Skills

Victoria A. Witkewitz

04  June 2023

Polishing Car

Perhaps you are embarking on your first novel or you have written for a while.  Below are ten tips to help polish your writing skills


Tip #1 REad Multiple Genres

As an author you probably read titles that are within your niche or genre that you write.  Most likely because it is of interest to you and may even spark some ideas of inspiration for your next writing project.  Reading books outside your comfort zone can:

  • Help you discover different writing styles
    Pique interest
    Spark some ideas of inspiration for your next writing project



Tip #3 Outline


While our language has granted us multiple words to work with using complex language to wri



If you are new to creative writing, consider starting a journaling routine with one topic to address in your journal at least twice a week.  These journal prompts are a great way to help you identify a topic and expand on it.  You can use a paper or online journal for your writing objectives.

Visit our Writing Projects page to access Journal Doodles, and Seasonal Scribbles.  These guides include writing prompts to create a writing routine.


Tip #4 

Final punctuation

As you continue to write, over time you will continually improve and nurture your writing skills.  Creative writing is a fluid process and one that evolves over time.  Once you feel comfortable with a journaling routine, use this practice to master your first novel or short story.


For additional information please click the links below.  Questions? Contact Us.


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