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Meridiani: A Tribute to My Favorite Video Games
Story & Music

FB Meridiani (5).jpg

Get ready for a unique experience of wondrous music, sounds, and story-telling track by track in this video game adaptation that will ignite the valor in you!  Welcome to planet Meridiani.    


The journey begins in this epic adventure, September 16th with a special sneak peek on August 5th!  Subscribe to my YouTube channel to listen.    

Vivid, fully-colored illustrated storybook accompaniment with CD

Hot merchandise that will ignite the valor in you!  

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Meridiani CD .png
Meridiani Merchandise Image .jpg

Four unique shirt designs include:

  • Ganadine

  • Beraisian Castle

  • Tests of Time

  • Declinare

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 "10 Books to Add to Your Reading List in 2024"

Red Bicycle Books was featured in the San Francisco Examiner.


A book of love poems straight from my heart to yours

Lovely Poem Cover.png

A collection of all things centered around a beautiful thing called love.

TGMHC VOL3 cover book 2 teaser.jpg


In the third installment of "Tales of Greed, Money & Horrific Circumstance, the characters will take you through multiple years of exploring what lies beneath the surface of water.  Is it a pure and peaceful existence or a world filled with cold and dark undercurrents?  Find out in 8 frightening tales in this bestselling thriller series!

Ignite the Valor in You
A Musical Memoir

Making Courage Part of the Musical Journey

Ignite the Valor in You Book (1).jpg

To live is brave.  To live allowing our steps to be directed without our consent is braver. 


This is my memoir and illuminating journey of life behind the treble clef.  From learning how to play sax from a professional BMX rider to being diagnosed with Lyme/Babesia that left me bedridden on and off for 3 years, and opening my business somewhere amid the chaos, get ready to explore what I learned about becoming a musician, all the oopsie moments, and the crescendos and decrescendos of life with humor, love, and above all else-courage. 


This book will show you how music is truly a magical force that will ignite the valor in you!   

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Shop thoughtful gifts for the home, office, and travel, by collection exclusively designed for authors and readers alike. 

Book Pages

Author Resource Ebooks

Explore our growing library of educational books designed for first-time authors to plan, organize, and execute their writing projects.

Cover for Author Book SF EXaminer.png

This two-part book provides authors with key foundational skills to prepare for a successful writing experience.

  • Plan and effectively organize your next book

  • Create goal plans to work around your busy lifestyle

  • Learn methods to start writing

  • Writer's block quick solutions 

  • 14 advanced writer's block troubleshooting techniques, strategies and tips with a case study to apply

  • Translate your outline into words in 3 easy steps

Get that blinking cursor moving again!

Cover Book Template Guide.png

Are you ready to start your first book?  The Book Outline Template Guide is your comprehensive go-to plan with helpful tips and four outline templates to get you started.

Take your writing to the next level with 20 fun and challenging exercises.  Build up a literary sweat!

Book Pages

Writing Projects

Get Your Author On Today

July-Sept SS Issue Cover 2024.png

Seasonal journal prompts that invite you to think, reflect, and grow.  Download the second quarter of 2024 today!

Pedal poetry cover.png

Take poetry on an adventure.  This writing project will explore what poetry is and how you can craft your own while on your bicycle excursion.  Click below for more details.

Author Tools .jpg

Welcome all authors!  Access a plethora of tools including strategy and planning guides, outlines, templates, and resources to get your author on.


Login or create an account to access today and get your author on!

Fear is Fare
A Special Edition

Fear is Fare. Fear is a natural state of being at some point in our lives, but it doesn't have to take us for a ride. Stay tuned for this special edition of the Cheer Up Whine Down blog series.

An inspirational blog series to seek more joy and celebrate the positive aspects of everyday living. Read the latest posts, comment, and share.

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The story continues on...

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