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In this writing project, we will explore how poetry can carve a special meaning in your heart.  

Pedal for Poetry invites you to connect inspiration from the world of your bicycle to the world of words.  Get ready to pack a journal book, hop on your bicycle, and immerse yourself in this creative experience.

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Seasonal Scribbles is a free quarterly publication featuring specific journal prompts that invite you to think and write about your personal experiences throughout the course of each season.

With an inspiring message to welcome you each month, the goal is to be carefree, creative, and to find joy in the passion of writing.  Download below.

July-Sept SS Issue Cover 2024.png
July Image.jpg
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May Screenshot.jpg
Quote for May.jpg
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February 2024 Page.jpg
Quote Page SS Q124.jpg
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Journal Doodles

Journaling is a great way to exercise both mental and physical muscles to get those creative juices trickling.  If you are thinking about starting a journaling routine, make today count!  Download 35 journal prompt ideas to get your author on and put your artistic skills to the test. 


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