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Writer's Block Workshop Series

Helping first-time authors succeed in their writing endeavors

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Upcoming Workshops

Proofreading for Performance Title Slide.png

Did you know proofreading is more than finding grammatical errors?  In this workshop, we will explore multiple levels of the proofreading process you can incorporate to proofread for performance.  

Previous Workshops

This first presentation of a two-part workshop will focus on setting short- and long-term goals to organize your thoughts to prepare for the writing process in an effort to minimalize stumbling blocks.

Troubleshooting Techniques Part 1 Goal Setting.png

The second presentation will identify why writer's block occurs, strategies authors can implement to overcome writer's block, and re-evaluation.

Troubleshooting Techniques Part 2.png
Writer's Block Qualities of Effective Writing.png

This workshop will cover the essential building blocks to incorporate in refining your writing style.

This workshop defines what is a copyright and steps to securing a copyright and frequently asked questions.

Copyright What You Need To Know Title Page.png
Outline Mapping Revised Title Page 5-1-23.png

The lightbulb goes off for a fantastic idea for your first book, but then it flickers-how do I plan for an entire novel-characters, plot, and twists?  This workshop will prepare you to organize for success.  Providing many outline ideas and examples this workshop will help you navigate the terrain of the writing world.

Do you experience writing run-on sentences with a jumble of words somewhere between a vast array of symbols?

This workshop will focus on the building blocks for creating solid sentence structures to provide depth and flow for a harmonious body of reading.

Get your exclamation points handy!

Arsenal of Punctuation Title Page Updated 5-1-23.png
If the Title Fits Wear It Title Updated 5-1-23.png

If the Title Fits-Wear It
How to Create Captivating Titles

What makes you pick up that next book to read?  Is it the cover or something else?  Our eyes are drawn to images that enrapture us, but what about the title?  

This workshop series will inspire you how to create catchy & captivating titles to entice your readers.  If the shoe fits, we mean, if the title fits-wear it. 

Exploring the Myths of First-Time Authors

This workshop series explores the mysticism centered around what it takes to become an author, preconceived notions and the barriers to entry to give first-time authors the confidence to watch their creative works come to fruition.

We will tackle the five most common experiences first-time author encounter.

Exploring the Myths of FTA.png
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