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Cheer Up Whine Down-The Pilot

Thank you for carving a piece of your already busy day to spend a little time with me. I placed the welcome mat just for you. I even shook off the dirt and the crumpled leaves. Well, perhaps you are having a cup of coffee right now or waiting in line somewhere scrolling on your phone wondering exactly what I am going to share with you and why stick around to see what’s around the corner.

This blog is centered on the idea of finding the cheer and happiness in every day living so at the end of the evening when you are ready to veg and drift into a cozy slumber of nighttime bliss, you can reflect on your day in a positive light. It’s a simple way of saying yes I am happy to be alive because of______. You can fill in the blank with family and friends, your career, a hobby, a pet or perhaps a gooey and overly delicious chocolate chip cookie—hey, I think we have been there at some point.

Rather than focusing on the absence of what you may consider inadequate, this blog is about focusing on the present moment and the gifts you have in your life you are either consciously or unconsciously aware of.

I will utilize the stories of my life to illustrate just how interconnected and relatable we are as humans via some humor, a little grace, a vivacious personality, but most importantly with a lot of heart. This is self-discovery. Life doesn’t provide edit and replace buttons as interchangeably as I type these words on this page, but you do have the ability to create the words to guide your future, ignite your goals and dreams and they start with you and the thoughts you generate at this very moment.

So today as you read this post, I want you to think about your favorite color. Now that you have it, really take time throughout this week to notice it. You may see it in a street sign, or someone wearing a shirt with this color, or on a package of cereal. When you see this color, let yourself use that smile internally and externally. You know the one that people like to see you wear because they somehow see themselves smiling back at you. Then take a moment and reflect on this by the end of the day to feel a sense of value of your own existence. The more you do this exercise you will notice yourself become more aware of what I call conscious living, or living in the moment for that matter. So...

Welcome to Cheer Up Whine Down.

This pilot is ready to travel with you. Navigate safely through this day.

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