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Victorious Bite-Sized Moments

At the end of each year, I end up writing what I call a victory list and throw in an unrehearsed victory dance if I accomplish my goals for the year, even if it is only one. I tend to think of this period of time as a self-reflection or simply a way of pausing for a moment before we flip the calendar for the year to busy our lives once again. As I started to write my list, I surprised myself just how much I achieved this past year.

I find this important for me to realize just how far I’ve come.

But this brings me to the question—how do we define the victorious moments in our lives?

This brought back a terrible, painful, yet joyous memory of when I was on and off being bedridden.

When the laundry was done, the clean clothes would sit at the edge of the bed waiting to be put away. One day, I remember I wasn’t feeling the best. I was dizzy and weak, but I felt determined I was going to fold one sweater to put away. Yes, the simple task most of us find mundane was a super difficult thing for me to do at the time. Anyway, guess what? I folded that sweater! This had me thinking what we define as victories or achievements should be determined by us and the “size” does not matter. All of these moments are to be cherished and celebrated.

After my own personal experience, I look at victories so much differently. The victory of being able to pay bills on time, practicing my guitar for the day, getting a walk or bike ride in.

So, this goes back to my original question--if we could take away feeling the need to tier our list of victories, can we enjoy our lives much more?

Will we take a moment to pause and realize shoveling someone else’s driveway is a victory, eating a healthy snack for the day is a victory, handling a difficult co-worker is a victory. These bite-sized bits of joy can be cherished all day long, it’s just realizing they are there and emphasizing their importance.

My name is Victoria which in Latin derives its meaning from the word victory. I sometimes wonder if this thought is what keeps me going through all the challenges I face daily.

Today I invite you to reflect on at least two bite-sized moments of victory. Doesn’t that feel pretty sweet?

I’m cheering for you.

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