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earth is the same address we all call home-a gravity of love

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

As a child and as far as I can recall, in the summer I would prance around my backyard in bare feet feeling the grass niggle in between my toes and the dirt wedging itself in my heels turning them from a delicate pink to a rusty brown.

One can define the concept as grounding, but I think of it in terms of understanding that life is bountiful around us, even the grass we sometimes use as a welcome mat is in fact alive.

I suppose this is one of the great facets I personally enjoy about being a resident of this blue and green ball of a planet we call Earth. The other day I took a walk admiring the shift of seasons. As I passed by a magnolia tree I paused for a moment to capture the moment because magnolias typically only bloom for two weeks of the year. Yep of fifty-two weeks of the year, that’s all you get. What a short season to showcase their assets.

This got me thinking about why gratitude is a word that has been getting a lot of recognition in recent times and for good reason. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to turn on a faucet to drink clean water our bodies need to thrive, to have food I can eat because the bees did their due diligence in pollinating the flowers and the oxygen to fill my lungs to breathe keeping us alive. And lastly but certainly not least watching an incredibly cute panda chomp away at a carrot. Okay, well maybe it’s just me.

Of all the planets we have gained intelligence up to this point via astronauts, space probes, satellites and other tools, there is nothing quite like Earth. This balance of the perfect complement of water, oxygen and an atmosphere sustains a myriad of life.

So today perhaps I’ll use a little less water, not drive the car, but I know I’ll take my walk to admire a planet where regardless of where we live, we all have the same address: Earth.

Happy Earth Day.

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