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Words that Pour like gold

In the springtime, I find myself shuffling through the organization routine or what we coin “spring cleaning.” The power to purge unwanted stuff collected over the years feels good to let go of what once seemed important.

My typical routine is going through my closet to see if I have any clothes to donate followed by stacks of papers to review which brought me to what I call the “treasure chest.” I know what you are thinking, an elaborate wooden structure spilling over riches of gold in the form of necklaces and jewels. Sorry to disappoint you when I tell you it’s nothing more than a durable plastic tub I bought from the local hardware center.

Anyway, for some reason, I was compelled to open the “treasure chest” to determine what I should save and why. As I was sorting through stacks of old school papers to birthday cards, I came across an old notebook I had my classmates sign as well as my teachers. It brought me to a page that brought a few tears to my eyes.

It is safe to say that somewhere along the way we face doubt, particularly if we don’t see our dreams happening. Recently as I have been struggling with a case of writer’s block, it just so happened I came across a piece written by my favorite English teacher and mentor from the “treasure chest.” If you read any of my books you will see his name in the acknowledgments at the end.

I want to share with you what he wrote me many years ago:


I wish you the best in life. Keep working, thinking, writing, and most of all playing those instruments. Look for success and you will find it.

Best wishes to you,


When I read that piece the words reminded me to keep going forward placing the doubt in the back of my mind. This is why I call it a treasure chest. It is because the words captured by family, friends, and my teachers over the years are priceless. The meaning of what was written is richer than any precious metal I could own.

So today I invite you to dig through some old cards or nostalgia or perhaps recall a memory where you did a selfless act and remember your kind words and actions are more valuable than any precious metal.

I’m cheering for you.

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