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The Fifth Chamber of Your Heart

Today we celebrate the gift of love—the love we give others and the reciprocation of that love.

As I reflect on all the special people in my life, I realize we show love in our own unique ways. All of our hearts beat to a different tune.

Some of us show love with hugs and kisses, or with a dozen roses. Some show love with a cardboard box of chocolate candy. Other times it’s the actions we do for others by taking time out of our day to help someone. It may be the thought of showing someone we care by taking the time to listen or pay an unexpected visit. Or maybe it’s a simple gesture of written words carefully crafted in a way that makes someone feel special. It is the selfless acts we show significant others, partners, friends, family, pets, nature, etc.

It’s also a day to celebrate the facet of love we tend to forget—the love we can find for ourselves. We are born with one body and one life to live. At times we have difficulty expressing who we are and accepting ourselves. But this unconditional love exists if we want it to. This is what I like to call finding the fifth chamber of your heart. It is finding happiness from within. It is finding acceptance of who you are realizing you aren’t perfect but every day you try your best, you falter and make mistakes, you seek forgiveness for your past, you learn and grow, and most of all, you embrace what it is to be human and that is a lovely thing.

Today I invite you to seek out the fifth chamber of your heart and embrace the happiness that exists within. You may even notice your heart skip a beat.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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