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The Two C's in Success

Think back to a time when you were proud of what you accomplished. Perhaps it was a sporting feat you tackled, scored an A or B on a test, cooked an overly scrumptious meal you wanted to purchase one of those chef uniforms with the double rows of buttons, or got that job you always wanted. But have you ever reflected on the process of how you got there?

It wasn’t just a one day victory though the celebration may last for 24 hours.

This month I spotlight two cornerstone developments in my life. One, I am celebrating one year of consecutive guitar playing and two, I have launched my second book after ten plus years of a lengthy process of finding the time to write, editing, ideas, scrapping ideas, etc.

So many times I felt like throwing in the towel (especially the starched ones, boy those are itchy), but I stuck with it for some reason because I knew one day I would have that moment where it would all come together, but the journey of how I actually got to this point will stick with me for a lifetime. It’s kind of like a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe and wondering exactly where that came from and how long it has been glued there.

That is what brings me to the two c’s in success. I emphasize the two c’s in the word success—continually and conquering.

Every day you make the conscious effort of fulfilling your dreams and goals is truly a success to be celebrated. It’s not about the trophy, the plaque, the certificate or any other tangible that makes you a success; it’s each day you strive to get there makes you a success. Sure it may be one day to score the winning soccer goal, but how much practice did you put in?

Success is what we make of it, how we define it to allow a true power of its own to enrapture us.

So the next time you feel like throwing in the towel, remember all the days that got you up to this point and how far you’ve come. Instead of throwing in the towel, use the towel to wipe off the sweat, but get back in the game.

I’m cheering for you.

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