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Unwrapping 365 Days of Joy

Happy 2022! Yay calendar flip. It’s a time to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the new year in a positive light with 365 days to leave a great legacy behind even if you didn’t cue Auld Lang Syne to bring it all in. I decided to bring in 2022 with a little sparkling action in a gold sequined dress that I’m still picking up remnants throughout the house. I’ll admit, I kind of felt like my own disco ball. It was pretty amazing.

One of my greatest memories of starting a new year was with a woman I used to work with. Like me, she enjoys the old-school stationery—cute cards with stars and gold embellishments or some kind of snazzy affair. It brings a sense of richness to a dying habit as email and electronic greetings have crept up upon us as commonplace.

Anyway, instead of giving me a card in December, she gave me a New Year’s Day card. It was something I never had seen. I thought this is a fabulous way to be reminded of the fresh start each of us has every January 1 and all the goals we set out to have to better our lives. We eventually became great friends and her cards always touch my heart-four chambers and all.

So then that brings me to this point—why is it somewhere along the way after many of the fitness ads seem to disappear around February, I seem to forget I have an entire year to make it happen?

It wasn’t until years ago I realized that each day is a gift to be unwrapped. New year’s resolutions, or what I like to call solutions in our lives count every day. Somehow, I have to remind myself by June 1st there is still time to adopt that healthy exercise routine, finish one of my writing or art projects, or if I’m feeling brave enough, tackle one of the to-do items on the housework list.

Not all 365 days are going to be easy with a pretty bow on top, but there is going to be something joyful in each day—talking to friends, riding my bike, playing music, spending time enjoying nature. Even in the hardest times, find a way to locate some sparkle, not necessarily my new threads, but you know what I mean. Sometimes we have to find some inner twinkle to shine. Today as you read this whether it is January 1, 2022, or October 16, 2022, or ten years from when I wrote this, spread some joy and see yourself in a positive light.

Happy 365 days of joy to relish. I'm starting January 1, 2022 and ending December 31, 2022, on a positive note. Will you join me?

I’m cheering for you in 2022!

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