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Tales of Greed, Money & Horrific Circumstance (Paperback)

Tales of Greed, Money & Horrific Circumstance

A thrilling collection of frightening short stories




Are you ready to play the game?


Welcome to the place where the next move in the chess game of life is unknown, where the pieces think they are players and where deliberate intentions of fast gain result in unforeseen consequences.  It is a place where the lines of fiction and reality are blurred. 


Tales of Greed, Money and Horrific Circumstance is the magnifying glass of thought-provoking actions following multiple characters in different scenarios that will have you ponder the questions of your own actions, thoughts and motives. 


Nine frightening and thought-provoking stories include:


The Night Manager

No Escape

Isn't the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

Do Not Disturb the Grave

Stop Watch

What's Your Poison?

The Sins of Trainor Park Mental Hospital

The Cryptic Mansion

Requiem for Charlie Walker

Tales of Greed, Money & Horrific Circumstance (Paperback)

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