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Necromancy: Cast of the Dead Chapter 1 Welcome to Gabron (Graphic Novel Series)

Necromancy: Cast of the Dead Chapter One Welcome to Gabron

An Unlikely Set of Heroes Towers Below the Surface


The new haunting graphic novel series takes you to a planet where the dead are just as important as the living.  This first installment, "Welcome to Gabron" will take you to explore a cataclysm of crippling chaos as it ensues in a world filled with magic, elves, alchemy, and mystical creatures, where heroes live beneath the surface. 


Comic Description:

Maranvade is the leader of The Cast—a group of unlikely heroes that have passed away are recruited as the watchful gatekeepers of the planet Gabron.  From the unruly souls of the dead that collect in the Lacum—the underworld of Gabron, Maranvade, with his keen and pushy sidekick, Levayseon, a dreamseer with the special powers of premonition, The Cast must help the living denizens of Gabron with the important and unsettling mission to stop the Balatorians led by their ominous leader, Viscerak from towering over this fiery planet with beastly tyranny. 


With a book of magic and wisdom collected over many generations called The Mastery of Parallel that sits in the sacred tomb of The Physis, will The Cast balance the epicenter finding the equilibrium of two worlds of existence?  Will Gabron become engulfed in one ball of flames or is there a mole within The Cast that is leading to their own demise?


Declare your existence.  Dance with the dead.


For more news, illustrations, story lines and much more the story continues on:



Necromancy: Cast of the Dead Chapter 1 Welcome to Gabron (Graphic Novel Series)

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