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This year has kept me busy to the point I have been swiveling from project to project when I realized it's been a while since I wrote a blog post. The other day I reread the last two posts I wrote earlier this year. The first post I mentioned the acronym t.h.r.i.v.e. and stated I was going to finish my video game musical album, "Meridiani" this year and take that holiday. I am pleased to say, I'm a lady of my word!

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting Seattle. I learned about the music and history while trying chia pudding and cold matcha with strawberry for the first time that have now become staples in my breakfast routine.

Lodging at The Edgewater Hotel where many famous musicians stayed at some point in their life, from Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Ray Charles, The Who to The Beatles in their iconic picture fishing out their window, made me reflect on my musical career. It felt warm and comforting to know in some way I was surrounded by an aura of musicians in this cozy and inviting place. As I took a magical mystery tour on my rental bicycle equipped with sturdy red tires to view Mount Ranier and the seaport, I thought about my album and what it took to climb to the top of this lofty goal. If there is one word I could sum up the experience of this adventure, it would be courage.

When I returned from Seattle, I was scrambling to finish the intricacies of putting together the finishing touches on the album in the beautifully crafted storybook. I remember the day I finished the storybook. It was pouring buckets and as I finished writing the last few words of the Meridiani story, suddenly a full rainbow came out. I felt the serendipity and appreciation of this moment because I know everything needs to line up perfectly to make this happen. But the real joy in this moment came not only from seeing a beautiful rainbow, but because track seven of Meridiani is called "Prism." It was a moment I'll always remember.

Today, I had a chance to reflect on the entire album process and it left me with a state of mixed emotion. Joy, happiness, sadness, doubt, and disappointment because I know what this album means to me and what I went through to get here. The hours, working through my Lyme/Babesia treatments that can take time to recover from, all the mistakes, and the final signoff. It took a lot of love and passion for this dream to become a reality.

I have always said it takes hours to record minutes that last forever, and there is no doubt this album is part of my life's work. But the truth is, dreams don't come without risks. They don't come without disappointments and setbacks.

Earlier this year, I wrote a poem called "You Are Brave" and this is the meaning behind it:

To live is brave. To live allowing our steps to be directed without our consent in uncertainty is braver.

To pursue your dreams above all else is the bravest.

Out of creating this album and reading a book a great friend of mine recommended to me, I was inspired to create a musical memoir. It is a musical memoir illuminating my life behind the treble clef. How I learned to play the musical instruments that allowed me to create the music, to how I overcame the fear of letting Lyme Disease/Babesia hold me back from pursuing my dreams, the oopsie moments of what I learned about becoming a musician, about myself, and how I've overcome the odds to illustrate what it means to chase dreams and turn them into reality, which will be released in 2025.

So today, I invite you to release fear for a moment, find your inner strength and courage to chase after your dreams even if they make you quiver. I'm cheering for you always!

Meridiani will be available September 16th! I hope you will subscribe to my YouTube channel and find some time to carve in your day to listen and read the story.

And most of all, I hope this album will

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