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Your Time to Thrive

It’s time to open the door to 2024!  Welcome to the next chapter of your life.  It begins here with the first day of the calendar year.  As an added bonus of a leap year, we have 366 days to discover and enjoy.  We will create experiences that will foster new memories hopefully more desirable ones than not.

Will you spring into this year or tip-toe?  What will you set your mind to?  What will you accomplish this year?  What obstacles will you face that test how brave you really are?  Burning questions waiting to be answered will unfold as each minute passes without our consent. 

Each year I make a list and theme for what I set to accomplish.  Sometimes they are new items to tackle, with other items that haven’t quite been crossed off the to-do list from last year.  Or maybe even a few years for that matter.  This got me thinking about all the years I planned something that didn’t happen…at least not yet. 

From making traveling plans that haven’t transpired to writing my album I started years ago, there have been those moments of yes but.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s the moment when the excuses start creeping in.  And trust me, some of them are pretty good excuses, but if I don’t plan a date for when I’m going to do it at least tentatively, will I ever say I did it? 

This year I’m shifting my mindset from the yes but to strides of the yes when knowing your dreams can happen in a split second if you keep working towards them.  This year I’m going to take that long-awaited vacation and finish my album.  I’m not allowing my calendar to pack my bags for me to travel from month to month.  No more, yes but.  This time I’m setting dates and sticking with it. 

To keep me honest I made an acronym with the word thrive. 








It provides two helpful reminders.  First, when I set out to do something, I’m going to do it.  Second, all the hours worked up to this point is success.  Eventually, when I finish, I will look at the totality of how it all came together and that is everlasting victory. 

This year, I wish you the best of health and happiness and watch your dreams unfold.  It’s 2024 and the door to endless possibilities has opened.  It's your time to thrive. Pursue your dreams.  I’m cheering for you.  Let’s rock this year together.  All 366 of them.

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