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Don’t Let Anyone Hold Your Dictionary: Define Yourself

Recently I acquired enough points on my credit card to treat myself to something. You may be thinking I bought some clothes or jewelry, perhaps a treasure trove of art supplies to keep churning out portraits of animals with amusing titles, but out of nowhere I decided, how about a skateboard?

I know what you are thinking: impulse buy. Like when you are at the grocery store endcap and suddenly you decide that chocolate bar is just too good to resist. However, ever since I was a little girl I started roller skating then biking. A friend of mine had a skateboard and I always wanted my own. I see a pattern here-circles, rolling fun or circles of rolling fun.

So while embarking on this new hobby I had a few folks ask me if I am getting a little too old for this. Perhaps so and perhaps no. For one thing, if we allowed our ages to define what we do, would we ever have the courage to do anything? How do we define what is the “right time” in our lives to venture into exploration?

Approximately two months ago I remember reading an article about a senior ladies basketball league. If I can recall the youngest age was 62. Some of these women had been playing for years, others for the very first time. So this got me thinking two words—why not?

As I wear all my safety gear it may seem odd for someone my age to be at the park with a skateboard shifting along slowly as I grasp a new sense of balance in my life. I may get a few stares and even a chuckle. Maybe the one who is laughing the most is me enjoying what I’m doing in the moment.

So this brings me to the point of one of the handiest tools I use as a writer—the dictionary. I’m always learning new words, applying them to my vocabulary and incorporating in my writing, but as far as defining ourselves-the only one that should hold the dictionary is us.

Before you worry what others may think, follow your heart to the fullest in a one direction highway we call life.

I’m cheering for you.

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1 Comment

David Winters
David Winters
Jun 15, 2021

Defining yourself demonstrates strength of character, maturity, responsibility, and professionalism. Allowing others to define you does not even deserve comment.

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